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Thanks to Clint Anglo for the reviews

see local maps page for streetmaps of El Palmar, Zahora and Canos de Meca

El Palmar - 12 Km from Vejer

El Palmar El Palmar

El Palmar beach El Palmar beach

El Palmar

El Palmar is the nearest beach to Vejer. 12 km long & mainly ‘wild’. There are a number of bars/restaurants (mainly in the middle section) & a couple of supermarkets scattered along the road that runs behind the beach.
Beach Empty most of the year except for windsurfers, but popular in the summer & at weekends. Soft white sand.
Town Not enough here to remotely describe El Palmar as a resort. But it gets very crowded at weekends & there is a decent selection of bars & places to eat. (The last bar going East is excellent. It has a lovely garden overlooking the sea)
Parking All along the road that runs behind the beach. Also a couple of tourist car parks.

Canos de Meca - 12km from Vejer

Canos de Meca Canos de Meca

Canos de Meca Canos de Meca

The main bay of Canos is one of the prettiest beaches in the area.
Beach Go past the Trafalgar beach & drive on for another minute to the centre where there are a few bars & restaurants. Narrow but attractive beach with tropical flowers & palm trees on the cliff behind.
Town Less than a dozen bars here, but a couple cut into the cliff behind the beach are pretty spectacular. This is where the youth of the area come to party from dusk until daylight in the summer season.
Parking  A nightmare at weekends. Come early & preferably in the week & you will be o.k.

Trafalgar - 12km from Vejer

Trafalgar beach Trafalgar beach

Trafalgar beach Trafalgar lighthouse

The beach next to the ‘Cape of Trafalgar’ is ‘wild’. It is popular with hippies but great for walking off season.

Zahora - 12 km

Zahora beach Zahora beach

Zahora beach Zahora beach

Narrower beach close to El Palmar. Difficult to find but it has a fantastic bar/restaurant on the edge of the beach. Great place for early evening beer & to watch the sun set.
Beach  Overlooking the ‘Faro de Trafalgar’ (where Nelson defeated the Spanish Armada). Different from most of the other beaches in the area. Narrower & rockier
Town No more than a couple of bar/restaurants & a few villas.
Parking Very limited - only along the road - come weekdays only or very early.

Conil - 15 Km

Conil beach Conil beach


Busy seaside resort with an attractive palm tree lined promenade in front of a pretty white washed old town. Massive market here every Friday.
Beach Long & very very wide. Soft white sand & some beach bars.
Town The old town behind the promenade is very lively & is packed with tapas bars & shops. ‘Los Hermanos’ is absolutely fantastic & worth searching out. But the newer bits away from the beach & old town are ugly & not worth exploring.
Huge car park next to the beach.

Zahara de los Atunes - 20Km

Zahara de los Atunes Zahara de los Atunes

Lovely seaside resort. Not very large (although it’s now spreading out to the East), but bags of character. It’s narrow streets are packed with excellent tapas bars & shops. There’s one pretty hotel & some good bars right on the seafront.
Beach  Long with soft white sand & stunning views out to Morocco.
Town Well worth exploring & it only takes about ½ hour to get round it all. There are interesting shops & loads of tapas bars.
Parking Lots of parking right next to the beach.

Atlanterra - 25 Km

Atlanterra beach Atlanterra beach

Bolonia - 40 Km

Bolonia Bolonia

Bolonia roman ruins Bolonia beach

Small village with a lovely big beach & famous Roman ruins behind it.
Beach Very large, unusual & attractive with vast sand dune at one end.
Town 3 or 4 beach bars & some restaurants on the road behind the beach.
Parking large car park by Roman ruins and various other car parks - does get very busy in July/August

Tarifa - 50 Km

Tarifa beach Tarifa kitesurfing

Sancti Petri - 40 Km

Sancti Petri Santi Petri kayaking

Lots of watersports available from Novojet - including kayaking. Sunset cruises are also available nearby.

Roche - 25 Km

In between Conil & Novo Sancti Petri is an exclusive residential area called Roche. The huge villas here all fetch over £1 million. There is just one bar/restaurant on the cliff top overlooking the beach. It’s called ‘El Timon de Roche’. It’s a bit special but it’s not cheap.
Beach Lovely rocky shaded cove by the ‘Timon de Roche’ restaurant.
Town Roche is just a residential neighbourhood with only a couple of small shops
Parking Loads on the side roads near to the ‘Timon de Roche.

Roche beach Roche beach

Roche beach Roche beach

Other beaches:

Fuente del Gallo1- 20 Km

The other end of the massive Conil beach is a very upmarket area called Fuente del Gallo. Lovely villas, a couple of ‘very Spanish’ style hotels & few expensive restaurants on the top of the cliff.
Beach Narrower than in Conil's centre & much prettier.
Town Just a couple of very nice bars on the top of the cliff.
Parking Loads on the top of the cliff.

Fuente de Gallo Fuente de Gallo beach

Barbate  12 Km

Tuna fishing town.  Not particularly pretty, but bags of character & famed for its beach front fish restaurants.
Beach  Softest white sand in the area. The paved promenade behind the beach (Pasao Maritimo) is about 200 yards of wall to wall fish restaurants. St. Tropez it’s not, but very lively & popular
Town  Loads to do & see. Sundays are special as all the locals come out early evening & ‘promenade’‘  up & down the ‘Paseo Maritimo’ for 2-3 hours. Get a seat at ‘Bar Passion’,(an African style cocktail bar on the seafront) & people watch for a few hours. ‘Casa Rufo’ is a famous tapas bar just down from ‘Passion’ & lives up to its reputation. Also check out the ‘Yaught Club’ in the marina.
Parking  Take the 3rd turning off the LIDL roundabout & go through the high Street to the end where you can park right on the front next to the beach.

Virginas beach 15 Km

Just outside Barbate. Just one fantastic chiringuita that plays superb chill music all day & nothing else.
Beach Lovely & unspoilt.
Town Not a building in sight.
Parking Small carpark behind the beach.

Barbate beach Virginas beach Barbate

Novo Sancti Petri - 35 Km

This regions answer to Quinta de Lago or Val de Lobo. Beautifully designed & looked after. Expensive & stylish, with half a dozen golf courses & numerous 5 * hotels.
Beach La Barossa beach is the largest & most famous in the region stretching from Novo Sancti Petri to Chiclana with soft white sand & large beach bars every 1/2 mile or so. The Chiclana end of La Barossa beach is not quite so up market, but has loads of shops & bars behind the beach on a nice palm tree lined promenade.
Town All of Novo Sancti Petri’s bars, shops & restaurants are situated in the ‘Commercial Centre’, where there are 2 floors of designer shops & stylish bars & eateries. (Plus about 20 real estate offices). But the Chiclana end has loads of bars & shops on the road behind the beach.
Parking  Loads.